The Mental Hygiene Project provides practical, real-world focused training, development and consulting that centers on how to create workplaces, in both the public and private sectors, that are mentally healthy, productive and committed to achieving organizational goals. We believe that every person in all workplaces, no matter what the industry, should be treated with respect and provided with an opportunity to succeed and feel healthy and purposeful at the same time.

Our foundational program is…

Psychological Empowerment 360™️

This is a groundbreaking developmental training session that focuses on the needs of every member of your team and how to create positive mental health throughout the organization.

Psychological Empowerment 360™️ includes…


  • How to decrease workplace stress and avoid burnout while still being productive and achieving results for the organization
  • The elements of Self-Care from a physical, emotional, spiritual, relational and behavioral perspective
  • An easy-to-understand explanation of mental health
  • MHP Mental Health Stress Continuum and the four phases
  • Mindset and how it affects your mental hygiene
  • The facts around employee assistance programs and how to find the right resources for you
  • The secrets to creating both formal and informal leaders in the organization around positive mental health, diversity and issues of either work or post-traumatic stress
  • How to create a positive balance in your life, increase your efficiency and improve your focus
  • Health and nutrition strategies to reduce sick days and doctor visits due to stress and/or burnout

An important aspect of our Psychological Empowerment 360 training and also our Mental Hygiene University modules is the concept of personal resiliency and mindfulness.

To have overall RESILIENCE, we must have:

Organizational systems for resilience (OR)

Personal resilience capacity building (PR)

Resilience preparation (RP)

Resilience renovation (RR)

OR + PR + RP + RR = Resilience

Our Psychological Empowerment 360™️ (PSE 360) program can be customized to your specific needs and challenges. It is a four-hour program. 

We also offer PSE 360™️ in an award-winning 18-segment video training program. This includes an 89-page workbook and the “Wheel of Wellness” in electronic format.

Each segment is only 7-14 minutes in length and allows learners to go through the program in “bite-size” pieces.

Additionally, 17 segments have short, five-question quizzes at the end to contribute to higher retention and application of the principles. 

Psychological Empowerment 360™️ lays the groundwork for our full Mental Hygiene University™️ initiative. This is a program that offers distinct training modules based on all the elements in our foundational program. Each module goes into even more depth on specific subjects related to psychological empowerment and positive results.

The Mental Hygiene University™️ currently offers these online training programs for your organization…

Healthy Leadership – Building a Foundation for Strength, Vitality and Resilience (This is a program that discusses strategies to define a culture that leads for positive mental health and wellness. This has both human and financial impact for any organization.) 

The Science of Resilience (Based on the academic paper by our Director of Research and Learning Dr. Shannon Taylor, this program discusses how to improve resilience from both an individual and organizational level. Resilience is not a genetic trait. This training module defines ways to constructively deal with stress that leads to improved resilience on every level within an organization. This helps organizations to remove limits to growth, deal with change and prepare for the future in a positive way.)

The Wheel of Wellness (This program does a “deeper dive” into all 13 areas on the Wheel of Wellness. It discusses how to create more life satisfaction that leads to improved work satisfaction. This raises the level of results and commitment for any organization.)

Consulting Initiatives

The Mental Hygiene Project can partner with you for either short-term, project based mental health initiatives, or long-term performance partnerships based on your specific organizational needs. Ask about how we can help you achieve your organizational goals and create an environment where everyone in your organization leads for positive mental health and achieves the goals for your three year plan and beyond.

Ryan Gallik appearing on News 6, a CBS-affiliated station, discussing his book “Silent Mayday”. He was interviewed by the news team about the incidents of post-traumatic stress in first responders and how to mitigate, prevent and treat the intense emotional and physical reactions that come with it.




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